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1. How do I make lunch reservations?
2. Do I have to pay for lunch?
3. Can I bring my own food?
4. How do I schedule a transportation pick-up?
5. Do I have to pay for transportation?
6. Do I need an Omnicard to participate in activities?
7. How much does an Omnicard cost?
8. How do I sign up for trips or classes?
9. Do I need an Omnicard for lunch or transportation?
10. What other services are available?
11. Can I come to the Center if I am sick?
12. Can I come to the center if I require an aide?
13. Can I use the kitchen?
14. Why can't I hang my coat over my chair?
15. Can I leave my personal property at the Center?
16. Can I bring my shopping cart?
17. Can I take home equipment, supplies, and/or materials from the Center?
18. Can I use my cell phone?
19. Is Wi-Fi available?