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  1. Todd Castaldo

    Senior Project Manager

How Circuit is contributing to New Rochelle's Sustainable Transportation Goals 

The Service
Since 2019, the City of New Rochelle has partnered up with Circuit to provide a 100% electric micro-transit solution for residents and visitors. 

How the Service Works
For zero cost, Circuit takes riders anywhere within the  coverage area zone through our on-demand app or by  waving down a driver.

How it has been going

3,000+ Rides per month*$0 Passenger Fare6 Electric Vehicles4.9 Average Rider Rating 

A Smart City Transformation 
New Rochelle undergoes a remarkable redevelopment of its Downtown Corridor to build  thousands of new housing units and foster an environment of community and innovation, Circuit’s services create direct connections to the City’s Downtown and beyond.

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CircuitNR Expands Coverage

CircuitNR, New Rochelle’s complimentary, on-demand electric shuttle service, has expanded its service area. In addition to the popular routes in and around the downtown, the shuttle will now serve areas to the south and east, including the New Rochelle YMCA on Weyman Avenue and the Montefiore Cedar Street location.  And for those looking to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer weather, will offer rides to and from Hudson Park during the summer season, providing a convenient mode of transportation to the City’s popular park and beaches and Wednesday summer concert series. Changes were made in response to community rider feedback and became effective at the end of May. 

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CircuitNR is available Monday through Thursday from 7AM-7PM, Friday from 7AM-10PM, Saturday between noon-10PM and Sunday from noon- 7PM. All vehicles have partitions between rows, are thoroughly cleaned three times per day, have open air options and individual doors for every rider. All drivers wear appropriate PPE’s and are tested regularly. 

Riders can request an on-demand pickup anywhere in the shuttle coverage area by using the “Ride Circuit” App to alert a fleet driver to come pick you up. Alternatively, rides can be hailed by simply waving down the nearest CircuitNR driver if the vehicle has vacant seats.

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Circuit Overview

Since launching almost two years ago, Circuit NR has been providing the service in downtown New Rochelle, which is in the middle of a game-changing redevelopment with over 30 construction projects across 12 million square feet of prime downtown real estate.  Over 60,000 vehicle miles have been saved through its 50,000+ trips to date, and no gasoline has been used.  In addition to reducing emissions, Circuit trips lead to less idling and additional convenience. 

During the height of the pandemic, Circuit also worked with the City, 511NYRideshare and Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital to develop a shuttle service with an expanded coverage area to carry visiting healthcare workers between the hospital and their hotel before and after their shifts, highlighting the adaptability of the service. Circuit NR recently received the Clean Air NY Champions Award from the New York State Department of Transportation for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more sustainable, livable cities.