Beechmont Lake

Dredging & flood mitigation.
Phase Status
Pending Completed
Design Active
Construction/In Progress  
Estimated completion: 2019
Total Funding: $1,850,000
Funding Source: PayGo, Bonds, State Grant
Last Updated: 2/23/2018

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Beechmont Lake Improvement Project

Construction Details

The Beechmont Lake capital improvement construction Phase 1 will begin in August 2019 and continue as conditions permit until the end of the year. The project goal is to restore the lake’s health and beauty and ensure it will be enjoyed by our community in years to come. 

Contractors will start by removing dead and diseased trees, grading the lake perimeter, and then dredging. While dredging and grading are underway, the lake and its surroundings will become a worksite. In spring 2020, Phase 2 of the project is planned to begin with residual dredging and site work if needed and conclude with the addition of new amenities including a third fountain, benches, a nature trail and enhanced landscaping.


In 2018, a number of improvements were recommended for Beechmont Lake. To review the project history, click on the presentation below. Public input was received for the amenities listed on pages 24 through 30. 

Check back for updates on this valuable natural resource!

Beechmont Lake Presentation- November 7, 2018