Adopt-A-Street Program

Adopt a street program  

Thank you for your interest in the City of New Rochelle’s Adopt A Street Program. Please review the guidelines below. We appreciate your partnership in making our City a cleaner, more attractive, and welcoming community!

The Adopt A Street Program ("Program") is open to nonprofit or civic organizations, businesses, and governmental entities. Organizations, businesses, and governmental entities that wish to participate in the Program must be located within New Rochelle or conduct substantial activities within New Rochelle. Organizations, and businesses that do not comply with NYS nondiscrimination laws, including NYCRR 466, are ineligible.

• By signing the application form the individual or officer, manager or director of any business or governmental entity has read and agrees to the Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria.
• A Team Leader/Coordinator must be designated and provide his or her name, mailing address and email address.
• Participation in the program confers no rights or privileges upon any person or entity.
• New Rochelle, in its sole discretion, may refuse to allow any person, organization, business, or entity to participate in the Program.
• Use of the sign in printed publications, commercials, social or political literature of any kind is prohibited.

Violation of this prohibition will be considered cause for termination.

All participants hereby release New Rochelle and its agents and employees from any liability for damages or injuries resulting from their participation in the Adopt A Street Program. The individual, organization, business, or entity that adopts a street agrees to indemnify and hold New Rochelle harmless for any injuries, damages, or claims arising from participation in the Program.

The individual, organization, business, or entity that joins the Program agrees to notify all his or her team participants of the foregoing terms.
• For safety, designate a Team Coordinator for your group. Coordinators must be at least 21 years old. Individuals younger than 16 years require adult supervision. Carpools are encouraged to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum and be sure to park completely off the street
• Clean-up activities should be performed off the streetway, during daylight hours and in good weather conditions.
• Avoid peak traffic times. Avoid over exertion and drink plenty of water. Members should face oncoming traffic and stay clear of the streetway at all times. Maintain a complete first aid kit and have it available at all times.
• Clean-up attire should consist of light-colored clothing and long sleeves, heavy gloves, and sturdy soled footwear.
• Safety vests, gloves, traffic cones, trash bags, and pikstiks are available upon request. Email request to or call (914) 654-4029. Equipment is available for pickup Monday through Friday between 9:00am-4:00pm at the City Yard, 224 East Main Street, New Rochelle, NY.

City of New Rochelle
Department of Public Works

1. There are no time limits to participate in this program. Only one City-owned street segment (average of one mile in length) per individual or group is allowed to be adopted. Streets within other municipalities or under the jurisdiction of the New York State Highway Administration (streets containing route number) cannot be adopted through this Program.

2. Litter should be picked up as needed, with a minimum of SIX (6) cleanings a year (the equivalent to every other month), including one major cleaning in spring. Monthly communication is encouraged.

3. The City of New Rochelle reserves the right to reassign an adopted street should it receive three or more complaints within a six month period regarding the street’s condition (highly littered) or for other reasons at its sole discretion

4. Trash collected (2-3 bags) or more or large debris can be hauled away by New Rochelle Highway Division. Place trash and debris in one location and call 654-4029 (Monday thru Friday between 9:00am – 4:00 pm) to arrange for a trash pick-up or email

5. Recyclables will be picked up by the Highway Division they are to be collected in separate bags.

6. Do not touch or attempt to remove materials which you suspect may be toxic or hazardous. Items to avoid include discard batteries, powders, chemicals, smelly substances, suspicious packages, chemical drums or containers, weapons, syringes or hypodermic needles, and dead carcasses. Report hazardous materials to 654-4029.

7. The Team Leader/Coordinator is required to report the date, number of bags picked up by filling out a clean-up notice on the website. NOTE: both sides of the adopted street should be cleaned from the beginning street/intersection to the ending street/intersection listed in the approval letter (not from AAS sign to AAS sign).

8. AAS signs will be installed a few hundred feet from each end of the street segment, facing traffic. Exceptions: Assigned street segments that are 0.5 miles or less can be adopted ONLY if it includes one or more BUS STOPS and the participant agrees to clean both the street and each bus stop a minimum of TWELVE times a year (monthly).

9. AAS signs are normally 30"X 20" (with the name plate underneath). There is a 15 character limit including spaces per line and no more than 2 lines are allowed. Slogans, phone numbers and website address are prohibited (unless it is the actual name of the group (minus www.) Signs are not required to participate in the program. Street segments are normally approved on major through routes, commercial business districts as installed on secondary residential streets, but may be removed if complaints from affected residents in the community are received. 

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