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Business Newsletter

  1. 10/25/19: Business Seminar; Thanksgiving Parade; Sign and Sidewalk Compliance; Bib Gourmand
  2. 10/2/19: New Downtown Resident Card; ArtsFest; Sexual Harassment Prevention; Flavored e-Cigarettes; Exporting; First Source Referral Center
  3. 8/28/19: CircuitNR; Job Fair; Access to Capital; Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  4. 7/18/19: Street Fair; Mariano Rivera Parade; Playland New Rochelle Day; Business Workshop; Best of Westchester
  5. 6/7/19: CFA “Finding Funding” Workshop; Job Fair; Street Fair; Sidewalk Cafes; Bartering; Polystyrene
  6. 5/1/19: Sidewalk Cafes, Digital Advertising Workshop, Utility Work; conXpo
  7. 4/2/19: Sidewalk Cafes & Outdoor Dining; Legal Workshop; Plastic Bag Legislation; Utility Work; State of the City
  8. 2/22/19: “Refining Your Concept”; Food Service Job Fair; Westchester Sick Leave
  9. 1/28/19: Tax Workshop; Refine Your Concept Workshop, Registration; Business in the News
  10. 1/3/19: Annual Business Registration; SBA Workshop; New Minimum Wage
  11. 12/17/18: Annual Business Registration; EnergizeNY; Press Coverage
  12. 11/30/18: Employer Focus Group; Parking Changes; Featured Business Program
  13. 10/30/18: “Capital and Contracts”; Bloomberg Mayors Challenge; DRI; Featured Business; Parking Changes
  14. 9/25/18: SCORE workshops, job fair, Signage and Street Furnishings
  15. 8/15/18: First Source Referral Center Job Fair; Hiring and Retention
  16. 6/7/18: DogParker; Sidewalk Cafes, Planters and Signage; Street Fair; Featured Business Program
  17. 7/10/18: Best of Westchester (BOW) 2018; Business News; Street Fair
  18. 4/30/18: Sidewalk Café’s and Planters; Street Fair; Bike Share; First Source Referral Center
  19. 3/16/18: Featured Businesses, Bisnow, Taste of New Rochelle
  20. 1/18/18: Required Business Registration, Featured Business Program, Best of Westchester
  21. 2/12/18: Bisnow, Bike Share

City Clerk- Council Legislation

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