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F.O.I.L. - Freedom Of Information Law Request Form

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  2. New Rochelle Police F.O.I.L - Freedom Of Information Law Request Form
  3. Please complete this form with as much information as possible. This form will be submitted electronically and all correspondence will occur via email. We can provide interpreters at no charge if needed. If you prefer, you can file a F.O.I.L request form in person at the New Rochelle Police Department Records Unit by downloading and printing a "F.O.I.L. - Freedom Of Information Law" Request form from this website, or have a "F.O.I.L. - Freedom Of Information Law" Request form mailed to you once a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided to the Records Unit. This form may also be obtained at the New Rochelle Police Department’s front window,

    If you have questions or need help filing your request, please call between the hours of 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. at 914-654-2205 or leave a message after-hours.

  4. Mission Statement
    The mission of the New Rochelle Police Department is to provide a professional community orientated police service designed to protect life and property and maintain order while assuring fair and equal treatment to all.
  5. F.O.I.L. Process

    Within five business days of the receipt of a written request for a record reasonably described, we will send you a letter either: making such record available; denying such request in writing; or furnishing a written acknowledgment of the receipt of such request. If you have not received a letter within five business days, please contact us at

    An acknowledgment letter will provide you with an estimate of when the records you request will be available, which shall be reasonable under the circumstances of the request. This date is determined by the number of documents you request, their format, their availability, the time it takes to redact any information that cannot be disclosed pursuant to FOIL, the time it takes to assemble the documents, and other factors. 

  6. Right to Appeal

    Under provisions of the Public Officers Law you may appeal a FOIL determination.  If you desire to submit such an appeal, you must do so within 30 days of the written response to your FOIL request. Please include a copy of the original request for records and a copy of the FOIL response letter you received along with your appeal letter to: 

    New Rochelle Police
    Attn: F.O.I.L. Clerk
    475 North Avenue, New Rochelle NY 10801


    E-mail your appeal and attach a copy of your original FOIL request as well a copy of the FOIL response letter you received to:

    You will be informed in writing of the decision within ten business days of our receipt of such an appeal.  Please indicate the FOIL Request Number when corresponding on this subject.

  7. Personal Information
    Please complete this form to the best of your ability online with as much information as possible, please explain the best way to contact you.
  8. Incident Details
    If the date and time are unknown, please provide your best estimates.
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