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Civilian Complaint Form

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  2. New Rochelle Police Civilian Complaint Form
  3. Please complete this form with as much information as possible. This form may be submitted anonymously by writing "Anonymous" in the name space. We can provide interpreters at no charge if needed. If you prefer, you can file a Civilian complaint in person at the New Rochelle Police Department, print a Civilian complaint form from this website, or have a Civilian complaint form mailed to you. This form may also be obtained at the New Rochelle Police Department’s front window,
    If you have questions or need help filing your complaint, please call us from 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. at 914-654-2327 or leave a message after-hours.
  4. Mission Statement
    The mission of the New Rochelle Police Department is to provide a professional community orientated police service designed to protect life and property and maintain order while assuring fair and equal treatment to all.
  5. Vision Statement
    We will provide a quality police service that merits the public's trust and ensures the overall success and general welfare of the community
  6. Values
    Ethics: We will demonstrate integrity and honor in all our actions.
    Valuing People: We will treat everyone with dignity and respect, protecting the rights and wellbeing of others.
    Loyalty: We will be loyal to the community, to the department, and it's members, and to the standards of our profession.
    Fairness: Our decisions will be balanced - moral, legal and without personal favoritism.
    Authority: We recognize that our authority is derived from the people we serve.
    Diversity: We appreciate one another's differences and recognize that our unique knowledge, skills, abilities and backgrounds bring strength and character to our organization.
    Commitment: We believe that our time spent in the workplace should be devoted to the delivery of quality police services.
    Conduct: We recognize that our conduct, personal and professional is inseparable from the reputation of the Department and must be moral, sober and judicious.
    Performance: We expect everyone to work to the best of their abilities.
    Integrity: We recognize that our behavior must reflect honesty, sincerity, and accountability. If the law is to be honored, those who enforce it must first honor it.
  7. Retaliation Policy
    Members of the Department are prohibited from taking retaliatory action against any member of the public who has made a complaint against a member of the Department. Such retaliatory action will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
  8. Personal Information
    Please complete this form to the best of your ability online with as much information as possible, please explain the best way to contact you.
  9. Demographic Information (Optional)
    Optional: The New Rochelle Police Department is requesting this information for statistical purposes only. It is optional to answer these background questions. We value your participation.
  10. Contact Information
    Note: If you are homeless or in transition, you may leave the phone number, email, or mailing address of a family member, friend, or agency that can help us reach you.
  11. Incident Details
    If the date and time are unknown, please provide your best estimates.
  12. Narrative
    Please tell us what happened. What led to your contact with police? What happened during your contact with police? What do you feel was wrong about the incident? Did police do something wrong? Did they fail to do something?
  13. Officer Information
    Instructions: Please identify and describe the officer(s) involved in your complaint to the best of your ability. Helpful details include: gender, age, ethnicity, height, weight, and build. List any other characteristics that you remember, such as facial hair, eyeglasses, tattoos, or scars.
  14. Police Vehicle Information
  15. Witnesses
    Please identify and describe any witnesses to the incident.
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