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Citywide Events from Departments

  1. Communication Channels Request Form

    If your department is producing a citywide event please fill this form out. All citywide events should be ready for promotion at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. 

    Upon approval and at the discretion of the Public Information Office, events and initiatives can be broadcasted through City information channels:

    NRTV, Website, Social Media, Street Kiosks, Train Station Kiosks, E-newsletters & Robocalls.


  2. First and Last Name of Event Producer

  3. Target audience?
  4. If so please name them. 

  5. Describe the event with key messages. (100 words)

  6. Please upload the following materials to be included in our channels.

    If you need assistance with designing and/or resizing please contact the Communications Office. 

  7. Bilingual - Square Size 

  8. Size: 720px X 1280px

  9. Size: 1080px X 920px 

  10. Size: 1080px X 1440px

  11. Size: 688px X 516px

  12. 1200px X 628px

  13. Size: 8 1/2 X 11

  14. Banners, Posters, etc. Please mention placement. 

  15. Please list other outlets that you are reaching out to for outreach. 

  16. List all social media handles involved and hashtags

  17. Will you have a photographer?
  18. If so, please name the spokesperson. 

  19. Do you need event coverage from NRTV?
  20. City Official Invites Reminder

    PIO is not responsible for City Offical invites/RSVPs. Please contact Angela Taylor, Michelle Oliveros, and Kathy Reilly to get on the Mayor, City Manager, or Council calendars. 

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