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Restaurant Poll: COVID-19

  1. New Rochelle Restaurant status in the time of COVID-19
    The coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on our world today. Local restaurants have to adapt to new models and offer new menus. For promotion purposes and to be considered for different initiatives to provide food to our community, please answer the attached questions about your restaurant. Additionally, if you have questions about COVID-19 specific safety procedures inside the restaurant and for delivery /takeout, please share so a consolidated list can be sent to Department of Health.
  2. Is the restaurant currently open?*
  3. How are you serving your food?*
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  4. What are you currently offering?*
  5. Are you registered for 2020 in New Rochelle's Business Registration system?*
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    For more information, contact Mariana Jusufaj at, Business Contact for the City of New Rochelle.

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