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  1. New Rochelle Business Outreach

    In light of the spread of COV-19, many businesses are seeking new revenue sources. Customers may be interested in purchasing gift cards... More…

  1. Restaurant Poll: COVID-19

    The coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on our world today. Local restaurants have to adapt to new models and offer new menus. For... More…

City Clerk

  1. Citizens to be Heard and Public Hearing Participation Form- December 1 Meeting

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis and in the interest of safety and welfare, the City Council will not be able to... More…

Parks and Rec

  1. Camp Family Survey

    Thank you for participating in the summer camp program. In order to plan for next season, your feedback is essential. Please take a few... More…

  1. Participate in our Lighted Boat Parade


  1. NRPD Fraud Report
  1. Policing Review Committee General Public Input Form

    Please give us your thoughts on Policing in New Rochelle.