How long does an eligible list stay in existence?
In accordance with the New York State Civil Service Law, an eligible list must remain in existence for one year from the date of its establishment or until there are no candidates left who are willing to accept appointment, whichever occurs first. The Civil Service Commission may extend “the life” of the list beyond one year to a maximum of four years.

A new examination in the title may be requested and held at any time during the life of an existing eligible list. It is the responsibility of the candidate on the existing list to keep abreast of the examination schedule and to apply for and participate in the new examination.

At the time of establishment of the new list, a decision is made on whether or not to allow the existing list (over one year of age) to continue or to replace it with the new list. When the “old” list is continued, the new list “supplements” the old list until a predetermined date. The old list is used first.

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