Reasons for denial...

The Special Events Coordinator may deny an application for a special event permit if:

1)    The application supplies false or misleading information; the applicant fails to complete the application or to supply other required information or documents; or the application declares or shows an unwillingness or inability to comply with reasonable terms or conditions contained in the proposed permit;

2)    The time necessary to plan, process, and permit the event is insufficient based on the size, scope, complexity, location, or history of the event, and the resources available to the City;

3)    The proposed event is proximate to another previously permitted or previously scheduled event, so that the combined impacts and required public services exceed what the City, after reasonable efforts have been made to accommodate both events, can reasonably provide; or the proposed event would interfere with construction or maintenance work in the immediate vicinity; or

4)    The proposed event would unreasonably disrupt the orderly or safe circulation of traffic; would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety, or present an unreasonable risk of injury to the public, the participants, or City employees; or would present an unreasonable risk of damage to property.

5) If Permit Request form is incomplete

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