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Posted on: May 25, 2023

Public Works Week 2023


Remarks by Commissioner Will Melendez:

"Thank you and welcome all to this year’s Public Works Week celebration. This year’s theme is "Connecting the world through Public Works". This is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize a group of extremely hard working and talented individuals who throughout the year have shown a remarkable dedication to servicing the City of New Rochelle in ways that most our citizens never fully know. 

A resident in our city wakes up every morning and uses water that disappears into a network of pipes maintained and operated by our division of Sewers and Drains.

The same person puts out garbage and recyclables in front of their homes only not to find it when they return home.

As they get into their cars, they may be travelling down a road that was recently paved under a one of the numerous contracts developed and managed by our Engineering team.

That same road is made safe to travel because it was plowed, salted, and cleaned by our Streets and Highways division.

As they continue to travel down the road, they will pass through numerous traffic signal devices that all work and somehow all work in unison, maintained and operated by our Traffic Engineering and Maintenance division.

Travelling through the City, they will pass numerous construction sites permitted by Public Works to ensure things are built according to code, work site conditions are safe, and ensuring the work that is performed, respects the quality of life that our resident’s demand.

All this made possible with the equipment, vehicles, and facilities maintained by our Fleet and Facility Maintenance divisions.

Public Works truly does connect us in many ways. You should be all proud of all those connections that you make happen every day."

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