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Posted on: May 15, 2018

New Rochelle Police Department Honors Members at Memorial & Awards Ceremony

In observance of Police Memorial Week, the New Rochelle Police Department held its annual Memorial and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 15 at the Greentree Country Club. The event honored the memory of those officers who sacrificed their lives in the service to the City as well as department members for their outstanding contributions.

Nearly 100 members of the department were recognized for their heroic accomplishments and extraordinary work in the community with Lifesaving, Commendation and Investigation awards and Unit Citations. Police Officer of the Year was presented to Police Officer Paul D’Erasmo and Systems Engineer Derek Ortiz was named Civilian Employee of the Year. A full list follows below.

Mayor Noam Bramson also presented an award to three elementary students for their Police Memorial Essays. First place winner, Lea Cohen from Webster Elementary School read her winning piece. City Manager Chuck Strome presented the Citizen of the Year award to Emilio Betim Jusufaj and Niko Tamburo.

"Medal Day is a day of celebration where the Department recognizes, thanks and awards active members who have done exceptional work over the past year," noted Commissioner Joseph Schaller.  "It is also a solemn day where the Department remembers and honors those officers of the Department who are no longer with us who, in the course of doing their exceptional work, made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives in the performance of their duty. We thank all, those here and those gone before us, for their service."

Recipients of Awards

Police Memorial Essay Award
Lea Cohen, Webster Elementary School
1st Place

Juliette Thomas, Ward Elementary School
2nd Place

Pasquale Rossignuolo, Davis Elementary School
3rd Place

New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce Investigator Award
Detective Dwayne Jones

Empress Ambulance Lifesaving Award
Police Officer Patrick Lunn

One-Year Attendance Award
Police Commissioner Joseph F. Schaller                   Police Officer Christopher Carelli
Detective Lieutenant Brian Fagan                              Police Officer Timothy Childs
Detective Sergeant Kevin Perri                                  Police Officer Steven Conn
Detective Sergeant Robert Torr                                  Police Officer John Lynch
Sergeant Steven D’Onofrio                                         Police Officer Oisin McGloin
Sergeant Keith Murphy                                               Police Officer Anthony Scarnati
Detective Vincent Marion                                            Community Service Officer Sergio Lopez
Detective Dario Navarrete                                           Community Service Officer James Sheehy
Police Officer Melissa Bird   

Two-Year Attendance Award
Captain J. Collins Coyne                                           Detective Dwayne Jones
Lieutenant Gorge Rosenbergen                                Detective Sean Kane
Sergeant Timothy Kelly                                              Detective Michael Vaccaro
Detective Steven Geertgens                                      Police Officer Samuel Goldman

Three-Year Attendance Award
Detective Christopher Guglielmo                                Police Officer Michael Dassler
Detective Vincent Pisano

Four-Year Attendance Award
Detective Yadilene Machado                                        Police Officer Nicholas Zuzulo
Police Officer Scott Wallach   

Six-Year Attendance Award
Detective Gregory Herring                                           Police Officer Anthony D’Angelo
Police Officer Anthony Colotti

Seven-Year Attendance Award
Detective Lieutenant Christopher Hearle                      Detective Luigi Amico
Detective Sergeant Myron Joseph

\Nine-Year Attendance Award
Police Officer Gary Lehning

Eleven-Year Attendance Award
Lieutenant Daniel Conca    

Detective Claudio Carpano

Thirteen-Year Attendance Award
Lieutenant Edward Hayes   

Detective Michael Ciafardini

Lifesaving Award
Lieutenant Neil K. Reynolds                   Police Officer Samuel Goldman
Sergeant Lawrence Bornholz                 Police Officer Emmanuel Gonzalez (2)
Sergeant Ryan Downs                           Police Officer Carlos Jimenez
Sergeant Mark Trezza                            Police Officer Patrick Lunn
Detective Timothy Adrian                       Police Officer Jeffrey Marello
Detective Luigi Amico (2)                       Police Officer Michael Martins
Police Officer John Care                        Police Officer Gary Moss
Police Officer Christopher Carelli           Police Officer Louis Trangucci
Police Officer Stephen Correale (2)       Police Officer Marc Weinerman
Police Officer Victoria Ferraro   

Commendation Award
Lieutenant Adam Castiglia             Police Officer Christopher DelGrosso (2)
Lieutenant Daniel Conca (2)          Police Officer Matthew Glass
Sergeant Edward Austin                Police Officer Samuel Goldman
Sergeant Christopher Castiglia      Police Officer Emmanuel Gonzalez (2)
Sergeant Matthew Brady                Police Officer John Lynch
Sergeant Kimberly Diniz (3)            Police Officer Robert Mansfield
Detective Kevin Geertgens             Police Officer Alec McKenna
Detective John Ladeairous             Police Officer Melvin Molina
Detective Michael McKenniss         Police Officer Jose Pena (2)
Police Officer Matthew Alberico      Police Officer Jason Redner (2)
Police Officer Timothy Childs (2)    Police Officer Marc Weinerman  
Police Officer John Conklin             Police Officer William Zapata
Police Officer Stephen Correale      Police Officer Nicholas Zuzulo
Police Officer Jose Diaz (2)

Class C Citation

Detective Lieutenant Brian Fagan (3)             Detective Vincent Pisano
Detective Sergeant Kevin Perri                       Detective Glen Spinner
Sergeant Francis Flanigan                              Detective Michael Vaccaro (4)
Detective Christopher Guglielmo (4)               Police Officer Marisa Bird
Detective Dwayne Jones (5)                           Police Officer Hung-Haw Chern
Detective Sean Kane (2)                                 Police Officer Samuel Goldman
Detective Vincent Marion                                Police Officer Robert Johnson
Detective Michael McKenniss                         Police Officer Nicholas Zuzulo (2)
Detective Rocco Oppedisano   

Unit Citation
Detective Lieutenant Brian Fagan (2)               Detective Dario Navarrete
Detective Sergeant Kevin Perri (2)                   Detective Isabel O’Rourke (2)
Detective Kevin Geertgens (2)                          Detective Michael O’Rourke
Detective Christopher Guglielmo (2)                 Detective Joseph Savoca (2)
Detective Dwayne Jones (2)                             Detective Glen Spinner
Detective Sean Kane (2)                                   Detective Michael Vaccaro (2)
Detective Vincent Marion (2)                             Police Officer Marisa Bird
Detective Michael McKenniss (2)                      Police Officer Melissa Diniz   

Citizen of the Year
Betim Jusufaj
Niko Tamburo

Civilian Employee of the Year
Systems Engineer Derek Ortiz

Police Officer of the Year
Police Officer Paul D’Erasmo

Police Commissioner’s Award
Captain J. Collins Coyne
Sergeant Ryan Downs
Sergeant Kyle Wilson
Detective Steven Geertgens
Police Officer John Lynch
Police Officer Nicholas Zuzulo