Capital Improvement Program


The City of New Rochelle, like other communities, recognizes the need to update, solidify and enhance its aging infrastructure as well as accommodate ongoing demographic and economic growth. To that end, a ten-year capital plan and financing program was adopted by the City Council in 2017 to prioritize and strategically fund this critical investment. The ten-year capital strategy will help maintain our existing infrastructure and improve the quality of life for our residents.

Capital Improvement Projects were identified based on a comprehensive review of the capital needs in each and every department, leading to an over $150 million in approximately 100 projects in the areas of Community Services and Public Facilities, Economic Growth and Business Development, Neighborhood Resiliency, Parks and Natural Resources, Streets and Sidewalks and Vehicle and Equipment Projects. For each project, funding sources will be strategically utilized and resources allocated to implement the capital program. Major Capital Improvement project information can be found on the pages of their respective departments.