“Comprehensive planning, aggressively supported by public interest, will make and keep New Rochelle, a city practical and beautiful.” - City Plan for New Rochelle, 1929 

Comprehensive Plan 2016

The City of New Rochelle (the City) has partnered with the PACE Land Use Law Center and planning firm, BFJ, to complete the City’s Comprehensive Plan update. EnvisioNR (“Envision New Rochelle”) 2016 will give the public an opportunity to weigh in on important issues regarding the finalization of the Plan. To this end, a series of public meetings has begun, with the first held on the evening of May 6, well attended by residents and local business owners. Notification of upcoming meetings will be posted on the Comprehensive Plan calendar, documents related to these meetings will be posted on this site as will draft chapters of the plan as they become available.

The Plan will provide a framework to guide future development and preservation that reflects current and anticipated environmental, economic and social conditions. The subsequent meetings will provide a forum to share ideas so that together we can create a strong, inclusive Comprehensive Plan to guide the City’s transportation, utilities, land use, recreation and housing policies.

Why Plan?

Growth is coming! The City has signed a master development agreement with RDRXR signaling the start of the largest and most significant economic development initiative in the city’s history. This growth needs to be balanced by preservation. The Comprehensive Plan is a tool for how and where to accommodate growth, protect the integrity of our neighborhoods, and strengthen our economy. Please visit NRFuture.com to learn more.

Why Plan Now?

New Rochelle is part of a larger region that is constantly evolving. The City needs to position itself and determine its role in order to maximize economic opportunity and the well being of all its residents. The last Comprehensive Plan was in 1995 and much has changed over the past twenty years requiring a new vision.

To learn more and to get involved, please join us at the upcoming public meetings and sign up to receive email notifications of site updates. The Planning Department can be reached at 914-654-2185.