Presentations and Seminars

December 6 -

Senior Meeting

- Sign up for a delicious lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the meeting. Listen and learn all the new and exciting things that will take place here at the Center for the upcoming months.  Meeting begins at 1:00 pm after lunch. 

December 17 -

Its A Small World

- Join Nora Shwide LeMorin as she leads us through different cultures, languages, and cuisines of different countries. Become familiar with their music, art, food, and language. 

December 18 -

Aesthetic Realism

- Join us for a  presentation by Devorah Tarrow and Jeffrey Carduner entitles "Every Person Can Tell You Something About Yourself!" This talk will center around the Van Gogh "Portrait Of M. Roulin (The Postman). Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the presentation. 

January 3 -

Senior Meeting

- Come be a part of our first meeting in 2020. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and see what we have in store for you in the new year. Plan for an exciting trip, sit back and listen to an interesting presentation, join in on an event here at the center. Meeting begins at 1:00 pm. after lunch. Don't be left out of the loop.