Presentations and Seminars

June 1 -

4th Annual Senior Citizen Expo

- This event is for seniors, their families, caregivers, and "Boomer". Exhibitors will be here to provide information on all issues related to successful aging. Doors open at 10:00am. Free lunch for seniors with advanced reservation. Deadline for reservations will be Thursday May 23rd.

June 7 -

Senior Meeting

- Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the meeting.  Come see all the new and exciting things we have planned for the upcoming months. Be the first to know and the first to sign up for the events, trips or workshops.

June 11 -

Adult Coloring Workshop

- Join us as members from Dorot/Westchester come to share with us the interactive presentation. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay for the coloring.

June 12 -

Elder Abuse Awareness Day

- Come learn all the signs and signals of elder abuse. Presentation begins at 12:45pm.

June 13 -

Korean Culture & Lotus Lantern Workshop

- Younhee Shin will be here to teach us all about the Korean Culture. You must register for the Louts Lantern Workshop. Cost is $5.00. Please sign up with Mary-Ellen soon as space is limited.

June 14 -

Flag Day Celebration

- Join us at 1:00pm as the Elks club presents all the different variations of the United States Flag since its inception.

June 18 -

It's A Small World

- Nora Shwide LeMorin will be here to present the language, culture, and cuisine of France. This presentation will include a tasting. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and stay while we travel the world in the comfort of the Center.

July 5 -

Senior Meeting

- Did you miss out on going on a trip because you didn't know we were going? Did you not see the movie you wanted to because you forgot we were showing it? Why not come sit in on our meeting and see all the things we have going on here. Sign up for lunch (suggested donation $2.00) and enjoy our air conditioning while we present our new schedule of events and activities.