Citizens Police Academy

CPA Flyer 17
The New Rochelle Police Department will be holding a Citizens Police Academy beginning May 2017.
Consistent with the mission of the New Rochelle Police Department; the Citizen Police Academy is designed to strengthen the partnership between the New Rochelle Police Department and the citizens of New Rochelle.

The objectives of this program are
1. To encourage increased communication and interaction between New Rochelle Police Officers and the Community, which they serve.

2. To dispel misconceptions about the roles, responsibilities and activities of New Rochelle Police Officers.

3. To provide participants with a basic understanding of police powers and limitations imposed by Law and Police Department policy.

4. To familiarize participants with the dangers, difficulties and ambiguities inherent to modern police work.

5. To foster a citizen police partnership to combat crime and develop a safer community.

 Download the 2017 application here