Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of New Rochelle, through the City Manager’s office and the Office of Emergency Management, is leading the creation of an All-Hazards Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan for the City.

The creation of this Hazards Mitigation Plan will allow the City to be eligible for future mitigation funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is an opportunity for the City to create a detailed plan that will address a variety of potential hazards that could affect our residents, businesses and other institutions.

The goal of the plan is to identify projects that can reduce damages from future natural hazards. The plan will include a risk assessment and a hazard-mitigation strategy. This plan will address the City’s risk to flooding, coastal storms, severe storms and severe winter storms, and may consider other hazards such as earthquakes.

The study will focus on existing and future buildings, and infrastructure and critical facilities that might be impacted. Infrastructure includes power-generation facilities, water utilities, roadways, railroads and communication systems. Critical facilities include emergency facilities, schools, shelters and hospitals.

This planning process shall be conducted over the course of a year, starting in early 2010. The public and local and regional stakeholders will be encouraged to provide input to the planning process. As a first step in providing input, citizens are requested to take a few minutes to complete the Citizens Preparedness Questionnaire by following the link below.

Citizens Preparedness Questionaire