Garage, Yard and Tag Sales


The New Rochelle Municipal Code Chapter 160 requires that anyone holding a garage sale, yard sale,
tag sale and estate sale must obtain an Application for a Garage/Yard Sale from the City Clerk's Office.

These sales are limited to personal property which is owned in the normal course of living in or maintaining a residence.  It does not include merchandise purchased for resale or obtained on consignment.

An individual homeowner, a homeowner association or civic group is allowed four (4) sales per year.   All garage/yard/tag/estate sales are limited to three (3) weekend days Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the hours of 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Only one rain date sequence is allowed and it must be requested at the City Clerk's office no later than 3 PM on the Thursday prior to the sale date.  Remember, you must bring with you the permit and sign.

Permit Applications
An application for a garage/yard sale must be submitted at least five (5) days in advance of the proposed sale date. The application must include evidence of public liability insurance coverage, naming the owner of the property upon which the sale is to take place as the insured. Minimum coverage required is $350,000 for homeowner and $500,000 for homeowner associations and civic groups. Apartment dwellers much have the permission of the building owner or managing agent and provide proof of public liability insurance. Photo ID is required.

The first permit to homeowners, homeowner associations and civic groups is at no charge.  The fee for each subsequent sale is $50.00 with a maximum of three additional permits.  Each permit issued will have a sign produced and distributed by the City Clerk's office.  The sign must be placed at the sale site and visible from the street. If requested you must produce your authorized permit
Application for a Garage /Yard Sale


Violations are subject to very stiff penalties.  Every article of personal property displayed, offered for sale, or sold in violation shall constitute a separate offense.  In addition each and every day without a permit will also be considered a separate offense.  Upon conviction the fine is no more than $250.00 for each and every violation.  You must produce your permit when requested by a city official or a member of the general public.
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