Hazardous & Radiological Waste Disposal

It is illegal to dispose of Hazardous Materials and Radiological and Medical Waste with garbage, trash or recycling. While bad for the environment this also poses a threat to the safety of the Public Works staff.

Hazardous Materials
Household Chemical Cleanup Days have been discontinued. Instead, Westchester County receives household hazardous waste products at their H-MURF (Household Material Recovery Facility) in Valhalla by advance appointment only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please call (914) 813-5425 for information.

Radiological & Medical Waste
Contact the Westchester County Department of Health or call (914) 813-5000

Radiological Medication Residuals
If you or your pets are undergoing medical treatment utilizing radiological materials, the residual materials should be returned to the hospital or health care facility for proper disposal.

These items include diapers, excreta, kitty litter, sanitary napkins, tampons, tissues or any other products that would be used to absorb body fluids. DO NOT PUT IN GARBAGE OR RECYCLING.

Be Sharp Smart. Proper Disposal of Sharps prevent needle and other accidents. Place all Sharps (needles, syringes and lancets) into a leak-proof, shatterproof, puncture-proof container with a screw top. DO NOT PUT IN GARBAGE OR RECYCLING.