Green Building

New Rochelle has implemented a new green building permitting process based on the New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code. The City's new process will help promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also protecting the rights and interests of home and business owners.

The New York State Code contains energy-saving standards for residential and commercial buildings, but until now, no effective mechanism has existed for enforcing compliance with the Code. To ensure that energy-efficiency standards are met fully, the City has developed 2 checklists covering all the energy efficiency requirements of State law. The first is to be verified by the City’s Building Inspectors. The second will be verified by the architect or engineer of record and be incorporated into the Affidavit of Compliance which much be submitted to the City before the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

With the use of these verifiable checklists, the City can ensure that construction home and business owners receive the benefit of energy savings.