Rescue is to set free from confinement or danger. New Rochelle Fire Fighters are trained to handle many different types of rescues.

Fire Rescue
Firefighters training in simulated smoke conditions on the 36th floor of Avalon East NRFD firefighters are trained to search for and remove fire victims in zero visibility and very high heat conditions. Removal sometimes is done from ladders or even after being lowered down to a window on a ½” rope.
Vehicle Extrication
NRFD members stabilize then remove a patient from a roll over on Forrest Avenue. NRFD firefighters are trained to handle many different types of vehicles accidents. With cars we remove the car from the person, with heavier vehicles like trains or school bus require us to cut a path thought the wreckage to remove the victim(s). EMS skills are often needed to prevent further injury.

Rescue 4, Ladders 12 and 13 and Engine 25 (Stations 1, 2, 3 and 5) carry extrication equipment. The media refers to these tools as the "Jaws of Life", but we are 2 generations beyond that technology.
Water Rescue
NRFD Firefighters training to remove an injured diver (see flippers), the netting is used to roll the victim into the boat. Lesson learned; always hold on to the boat with 1 hand. New Rochelle Fire and Police Departments are both responsible for water rescue. The Police Department has larger boats and handles incidents on Long Island Sound and around its harbors. The fire department is responsible for all of the lakes and reservoirs in and around the city. NRFD also responds to emergencies close to shore around the upper and lower harbor and around Glen Island.
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Ladder 13, which is stationed on North Avenue between Beechmont Drive and Eastchester Road carries a small inflatable boat and related water and ice rescue equipment. It can be set up in about 1 minute.

The New Rescue 4 which is stationed on Harrison Street (next to New Roc City) carries on its roof a 12 foot inflatable boat with a 15 hp motor. It is mounted on a dolly and is launched with a crane, which can lower it over the side of a sea wall into the water.
Ice Rescue
Members training in New Rochelle Harbor When the lakes or even the harbor freeze, it is common for people to ignore the “keep off the ice” signs. All NRFD firefighters are trained to wear ice rescue suits and how to go out on to the broken ice and rescue someone who has broken through. This equipment is carried on half the fleet and is located throughout the city.
Machinery Extrication
NRFD Members Training on top of elevator cars in the Ramada. When someone gets stuck in a machine we are trained to disassemble or open up the machine to remove the person. The most common one is a disabled elevator, the most complex was a worker who fell into a giant pasta mixing machine.
High Angle Rescue
Sometimes referred to as Rope Rescue, involves moving firefighters and victims from different levels on the outside of structures. As the New Rochelle skyline has grown beyond the reach of the tallest ladders the potential for a trapped window washer or other worker has dramatically increased.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined spaces include storm drains, sewers pipes, and tanks. These spaces are entered by Public Works Employees and other workers like Con Ed and unfortunately the occasional adventurous youth. The hazards of these spaces include a number of toxic and flammable gasses.
Trench Rescue
Worker trapped in a Trench Collapse in Eastchester. New Rochelle, Eastchester and Yonkers Fire Departments.

Trenches and excavations that are not properly shored up pose an extremely hazardous situation for the workers who enter them. When they collapse they create and even greater risk to our firefighters who must enter to rescue them. We respond with a special collapse unit that contains all of the equipment to shore up a trench, even 1 that has already collapsed.
Building Collapse Rescue
Gas explosion across the street, people trapped in this house.

Buildings collapse after being overloaded, damaged or improperly modified. Our firefighters are trained and equipped to search for and rescue anyone who is trapped inside a collapsed structure.