The Freedom of Information Law was created to give citizens the right to know the process of governmental decision-making and to review the documents and statistics leading to determinations that are basic to a free society.

The City Clerk is the Records Access Officer and all FOIL requests are to be filed through the City Clerk's office other than Police Department records. Requests for information are accepted in person, by mail, by fax or by email. Request can be made on the FOIL Application or by letter; if from legal counsel the letter should be on the firm's letterhead.

When making a FOIL Application be as specific as you can pertaining to the requested information. The Record Access Officer will distribute the FOIL Application to the appropriate department for research and response. The Record Access Officer will acknowledge your request within five business days.  Our departments will have up to twenty business days to research and provide the requested documents.
In some instances the FOIL Application can be denied, such as if the request is too broad and unreasonable in scope. Any denial can be appealed within ten days to the City Manager.