Exemption Applications and Requirements

**All exemption applications are due by May 1st**
***Please visit tax.ny.gov for new rules and regulations regarding the enhanced STAR, IVP, and limited income senior exemptions***


Income Limitation

Required Documents

STAR Rebate Check Program

Enhanced STAR Application
Enhanced STAR Renewal Application
Income Verification Application
65 $86,300 Proof of 2017 Income
Proof of Age
Alternative Veterans Exemption Application
Cold War Veterans Application
N/A N/A Proof of Ownership
Proof of Residency
Copy of DD-214
Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes
Limited Income Disability Application
Limited Income Disability Renewal Application
N/A $37,399 Proof of Ownership
Proof of Residency
Award letter from SSA
Proof of 2018 income
(2018 Tax return
and SS-1099)
Senior Citizen Limited Income
Limited Income Senior Citizen Exemption Application
Limited Income Senior Citizen Renewal Application
65 $37,399 Proof of Ownership
Proof of Residency
Proof of 2018 income
(2018 Tax return
and SS-1099)
N/A = Not applicable
Proof of ownership = Copy of deed if purchased within the last year or shares certificate for co-op apartments regardless of length of ownership.
Proof of residency = Copy of utility bill (cable, landline phone or ConEd).
Proof of Income = Copy of 2017 or 2018 Income tax return depending on exemption applied for.
Proof of age = Copy of drivers license, passport or birth certificate

If you qualify for the Senior Citizen Limited Income Exemption, you are no longer automatically approved for the Enhanced STAR Exemption. Both exemptions must be individually renewed annually.

Any or all requirements are subject to change at any time.