Structure Interior & Exterior

Exterior Walls & Roof
Exterior walls and roofs must be free of defects that admit water or dampness to the interior and must be kept in good repair to prevent leaks.

Protective Railings
Open porches, landing, and walkways above ground level must have protective railings. Stairs with more than 3 risers must also have protective railings. This requirement also applies to interior stairs, landing, and balconies (as measured to the next lower level).

Interior Floors, Walls & Ceilings
Interior floors, walls, and ceilings must have structural integrity, be rodent proof, and in sound condition. Floors in rooms with water outlets must be water resistant, clean, and sanitary.

Interior and exterior doors must be properly operating and have all hardware to permit opening, closing, and securing. Doors must be weather tight, watertight, rodent, and insect resistant when the door is closed.

For more information, please contact the Bureau of Buildings at 914-654-2035.