Health & Safety

Inhabited Buildings
Inhabited buildings must be maintained and kept in a safe and sanitary condition. Devices and safeguard required by the Code in effect when the building was built, repaired, or modified must also be maintained in good working order by the owner or the tenant.

A bathroom must be located within the dwelling, accessible to all occupants, and properly connected to an approved water and sanitary disposal system free from leaks, defects, and obstructions. It must contain a lavatory, toilet, and tub or shower. Bathrooms must afford privacy to the user and be accessible from within the building.

Minimum sanitary facilities also require at least 1 fully working kitchen. Kitchens must provide sanitary food preparation surfaces, food, and utensils storage areas (cabinets, drawers, etc.), a freestanding cook stove (no portable cooking equipment), and mechanical refrigeration for the storage of perishable food.

All plumbing fixtures must have an adequate supply of both cold and hot water distributed through an approved plumbing system with safe drains.

Each dwelling must have properly operating heating facilities capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms and bathrooms

Garbage Disposal
Each dwelling unit must have adequate garbage disposal facilities or garbage storage containers of a type and in a location for sanitary, temporary storage of household garbage.

For more information, please contact the Bureau of Buildings at 914-654-2035.