Sewers and Drains


The Bureau of Sewers & Drains has responsibility, for maintenance, cleaning, and repair of sewer and drain lines, pump stations, catch basins, brooks and facilities. The Bureau is also responsible for receiving and taking action on complaints relative to drainage problems, flood conditions, sewer and drain stoppages and related problems. During fall and winter months, Bureau personnel may also be assigned to assist with leaf removal and snow and ice control operations.

Maintenance responsibilities include:
  • 192 miles of sewer pipe
  • 87 miles of drainage pipe
  • Over 5500 catch basins
  • Over 5700 sewer and drainage manholes

Sewer Stoppage or Flooding Emergency

Please call the Sewers and Drains Main Number at (914) 235-3567. If you do not get an answer call  (914) 654-2133. If these contact methods fail or after normal hours of operations please call New Rochelle Police Department at (914) 654-2300.

When communicating an issue via e-mail, voice mail or fax please be clear and concise about the nature and location of the condition and leave contact information so we may speak to you if needed.