Permit Work Requirements

Requirements for Permit Work
Permit work requirements include:
  • Resident / contractor obtain permit applications and insurance information from the Department of Public Works
  • Resident / contractor returns completed application with drawing and insurance information attached for review by the permit engineer
  • Permit engineer will review and determine the deposit and/or fee and any permit conditions
  • Once the permit application has been approved, resident / contractor will be notified of the fee and deposit from the Department of Public Works Office that the permit is ready for pick up
    • No permits are issued on the same day
  • A check / money order made payable to the City of New Rochelle is required at the time issuance of the permit for the fee and deposit amounts
  • Once the work is completed the resident / contractor are responsible for notifying the Department of Public Works Office so that an inspection can be scheduled
  • The permit engineer will inspect the location and inform the Department of Public Works of the status of the work
    • If there is a problem that needs to be addressed the permit holder will be notified
    • Once the problem has been corrected to department specifications the permit deposit will be released
For more information, contact the Bureau of Engineering at (914) 654-2131.