Bureau of Forestry

City Street Trees

Trees located within the public right of way are normally the responsibility of the City with a few exceptions. Trees which are dead, diseased, or dying will be inspected by the City and either pruned or removed depending upon their conditions. Trees requiring some action on the part of the City are placed on a list to be addressed as staffing and funding becomes available for such work. The volume of work can exceed the funds available in any particular fiscal year.

Where trees are close to, or utility wires run through them, the City must wait for the respective utility company to remove the trees to a point below the wires before removal of the remainder of the tree.

Removing a Tree

Residents may remove a street tree themselves after first obtaining the written permission from the City and payment of the $25 fee. Residents who wish to remove a tree will be required to replace the tree. The tree removal company which is contracted to provide the service must remove and dispose of the tree in its entirety including the stump. The contractor must also provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City.

Tree Planting

Tree planting within the right of way requires written permission for the City and may also require payment of a fee. The City maintains a list of trees that are acceptable and restricted (City code 301-13 and 301-14).

Additional Information

If you have questions about dead, diseased, or dying trees, for pruning services, or to submit a planting request, contact the City Tree Inspector at (914) 235-3549.