Snow Emergency Streets

Snow Emergency
When the Police Commissioner or the City Manager declares a state of snow emergency, no person shall stand or park a vehicle upon any portion of a street designated as a Snow Emergency Street. No vehicles shall be operated unless the drive, traction or powered wheels are equipped with skid chains, snow tires or radial tires. See Section 312-61 of the City Code.

Snow emergency streets are chosen carefully where parked vehicles and piled up plowed snow narrows the streets to a point where emergency vehicles cannot get through.

Parking Prohibited During Snowfall
In accordance with the provisions of 312-39.1 of the City Code, no person shall park a vehicle following a snow event of two inches or more unless and until the sooner of:
  • The snow accumulation from such event has been cleared from such streets
  • 24 hours have elapsed since the conclusion of such snow event, upon any of the following described streets or parts of streets.
Parking is prohibited on the following streets during snowfall:
Alden Court Entire Length Sage Circle Entire Length
Avon Road Entire Length Seacord Road Entire Length
Lakeview Road Entire Length Sheldrake Lane Entire Length
Lewis Place Entire Length Sixth Street Dead End
Owen Road Entire Length Tall Trees Road Entire Length
Reyna Lane Entire Length Vista Lane Entire Length
Richmond Lane Entire Length Williamsburg Close Entire Length
Rock Ridge Circle Entire Length