Snow Removal

In the event of a major snowstorm, the City Manager may declare a snow emergency. All non-essential vehicles are prohibited on City streets during a snow emergency. All snow emergency routes in the City of New Rochelle are posted with red and white signs. Cars must be moved from those streets immediately. All vehicles not moved hamper the snow removal and are subject to being towed. The vehicle owner will be responsible for the towing fee.

Snow Removal Responsibility
In accordance with Section 281-4 of the City Code, it is the responsibility of every owner or occupant of any house or other building and any vacant lot, to keep the sidewalk and fire hydrants clear and clean from snow, ice, and dirt. Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalk abutting their property and fire hydrants before 12:00 noon of the day after any snow fall which occurs during the night. It is a violation of the City Code to place snow into the street or abutting sidewalk.