Apparatus - Station #3

Engine 23
 Engine 23 (E-23) responded to 2,090 runs last year. E-23 is staffed with a fire officer (captain or lieutenant) and two firefighters. Engine 23 is currently assigned a 2013 Spartan/Smeal 1500gpm pumper.
engine 23
Ladder 13
Ladder 13 (L-13) operates a 105-foot rear mount aerial ladder. Last year L-13 responded to 1,190 emergencies. L-12 is staffed with three members made up of either a fire officer (captain or lieutenant) and two firefighters or three firefighters. Ladder 13 is currently assigned a 2007 American LaFrance 105-foot rear mount ladder. This vehicle was formerly assigned as Ladder 12. Ladder 13 also carries a complete set of vehicle extrication tools including hydraulic spreaders, cutters, and mechanical rams and high pressure air bags.
ladder 13
Mask Service Unit 3
Mask Service Unit 3 (MSU 3) is a 2006 Ford F550 with a compartment body. It houses a high pressure air compressor for filling our self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This unit was purchased with funding from a homeland security grant.
MSU 3.png
New Rochelle Ambulance
The New Rochelle ambulance service is contracted with a private vendor who operates in conjunction with the Police and Fire departments. The current contract requires 2 ALS or paramedic ambulances 24 hours, 7 days per week and an additional ALS ambulance 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. All New Rochelle ambulances are staffed with a minimum of 1 New York State certified paramedic and 1 New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The contract requires new ambulances every 3 years.The ambulance service contract is in the process of being renewed and the Picture shows the previous contractor. Once the new contractor is selected and a new paint scheme developed we will update the picture.
Paramedic Ambulance 30Alpha2.png