Internal Affairs Unit

Internal Complaints

A supervisor who reports directly to the Police Commissioner staffs the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU). The IAU supervisor is responsible for the investigation of all complaints regarding Police Department employees. The complaints may be generated either internally or externally. Internal complaints are generated by supervisory personnel when personnel fail to comply with departmental rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, or by the IAU supervisor through inspections and investigations concerning employee compliance with rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies.

External Complaints

External complaints are complaints about police conduct that are generated by individuals who are not members of the Department. These types of complaints normally involve allegations of improper conduct on the part of police employees or questionable department procedures. Regardless of the source, seriousness, or apparent lack of seriousness of the complaint, each complaint is thoroughly investigated by the IAU supervisor.

In order to make it easier for you, there are several ways to file your complaint:

  • Via email, Civilian Complaint Form (Fill and Submit)
  • Via mail, Civilian Complaint Form (Print and Mail)
  • Via telephone (914) 654 - 2300
  • In person
  • Contact any member of the Community Police Partnership Board (C.P.P.B.) to help facilitate the submission of your complaint using this link, C.P.P.B. email

We also accept anonymous complaints.

Other Investigations

In addition to the investigation of complaints, the Internal Affairs Unit conducts investigations as directed by the Police Commissioner, all incidents where officers have discharged their weapons, or incidents where prisoners in police custody have been injured.

The Internal Affairs Unit acts as liaison in civil cases between the Department and city attorneys, and insurance companies and their respective investigators. The Unit coordinates interviews with Department employees and witnesses, and researches and retrieves reports and photos for a defense of these cases. He testifies as a representative of the Police Department in order to enter official documents into evidence and performs whatever other duties are necessary to accommodate the proceedings and ensure the integrity of the Department.


For more information on the IAU, please contact the Police Department at (914) 654-2300.