Records Unit

The Records Unit performs most of the Department's administrative functions. Warrants, subpoenas, and other court orders issued by Federal, State, and local courts and agencies are processed and disseminated by the unit.

The Unit processes requests from law enforcement agencies in need of information that this Department might have, as well as private organizations seeking background checks on prospective employees. In addition, the Unit acts as the Department's liaison with law enforcement, legal, and social agencies in managing the paperwork and communications generated by police services activities.

The unit also operates the Public Service Window, where the public may obtain copies of police reports, letters of good conduct for employment, and property held in police custody.

Type of Work Performed
Most of the work performed by the Records Unit is clerical in nature and is performed by civilian personnel. Under the direction of assigned Staff Services Division supervisors, civilian personnel perform the following functions:
  • Data entry of arrest cards, incident reports, roster file, and gas slips
  • Data entry of moving violations, city code violations, and individual officer activity
  • Log and forward subpoenas
  • Operate the public service window
  • Issue letters of good conduct
  • Produce computer reports, monthly UCR, and special reports
  • Process return of fingerprints from New York State Division of Criminal Justice (DCJS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Process State Liquor Authority correspondence
  • Assist with tow vouchers