Code Enforcement

The New Rochelle Fire Department has always had some level of building code enforcement responsibility. In 1984 the state expanded the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and along with the NR Building Department we have an even greater responsibility.

Our Code Enforcement Efforts include;

Plan Review - Our Code Enforcement Officers evaluate new buildings for fire safety compliance with the code.

Property Maintenance Inspections - Engine and Ladder companies inspect all commercial buildings and multiple dwellings for safety hazards.

Public Assembly and School Inspections - Annual special inspections for places where groups of people congregate and they perform a comprehensive annual inspection of all public schools.

Permit Inspections - Storage of hazardous chemicals and some types of industries require permits to operate. After an applicant fills out the required paperwork, a fire department inspector will perform a site inspection to insure compliance with all regulations, and then the permit(s) will be issued.

Oil Tank Removal Inspections - When fuel oil tanks are removed, Our Code Enforcement Officers check for proper removal and to insure that there is no ground contamination. They document the tank status for future property status.