Support Services

Support Services Division
The Support Services Division is headed by a Deputy Chief and is responsible for everything that is not handled by the field companies. It is divided into the following divisions:

Fleet Maintenance Division

Responsible for maintaining the apparatus, staff vehicles and firefighting hose and tools. The department operates with a Master Fire Mechanic and a Mechanic. The department maintenance “Shop” is located behind station #1.

Training Division
Responsible for all training conducted by the New Rochelle Fire Department This training can be academic, (in the classroom) or hands on (in the field). This training is to better prepare our firefighters for the numerous types of emergencies that we are called upon everyday to mitigate. This training starts in “probie” or recruit school.

Safety Division
Responsible for protecting our most valuable asset - our firefighters. The Safety Division’s major role is making sure that all federal and state safety regulations are adhered to. This includes required medical evaluations and treatment from job related injuries, investigating accidents and making corrective action recommendations and performing required annual equipment testing on hose and breathing apparatus. The Safety Division is also responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of personnel protective equipment.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Responsible for developing plans for responding to, recovering from, and in some instances mitigate the results of natural, technical and man-made disaster events. OEM works closely with the City Manager’s Office, FEMA, SEMO (New York State), Westchester County OEM and the Red Cross.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Office
Responsible for the initial and continues Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training and certification of all fire fighters. All NRFD fire fighters must recertify their EMT every 3 years. The EMS office is also the liaison between the fire department and New Rochelle’s Paramedic Ambulance Service, which is provided by Transcare Ambulance.

The Support Services Division is also responsible for purchasing all equipment and vehicles and working with other agencies to ensure that fire stations are maintained. The Support Services Division develops and administers all federal and state grants to the fire department. Since 2000 these grants have supplied the city with $2.8 million dollars to improve emergency services.