Dog Licenses


Beginning in 2011 the City Clerk is required by New York State to issue original dog license as well as all dog license renewals. This will mean a new municipal dog tag for your pet. Your pet must be licensed if you reside in New York State. Having your pet licensed will help should your pet wanders away, get lost and/or stolen; when found, we would be able to contact you to retrieve your pet. 

License Requirements

New York State requires that all dogs over the age of 4 months be licensed. In order to be licensed the dog must have its current rabies vaccination certificate from the veterinarian.

For an original or renewal dog license, complete the Dog License Application Form. Be sure to note your pet’s breed, color and any other unique markings that can help to identify your pet. If you wish to mail in your dog license application be sure to have all the necessary documentation - current rabies vaccination certificate, spayed or neutered certificate from your veterinarian.

The name of the owner of the pet must be on all health documents and will be indicated on the dog license. If the owner is under 18 years old the parent or guardian will be considered the owner and their name must be on all health documents. Be sure to include your phone number and email address.

Fee Structure

  • Neutered or Spayed Pet

    - $16*
  • Unneutered or Unspayed Pet -

*Working Dogs* are exempt from license fees. A Working Dog is classified as a war dog, police dog, detection dog, therapy dog, working search dog, hearing and service dog. All working dogs must have an official certificate of certification from the organization that trained the dog.

All Working Dogs must have a New Rochelle-issued dog tag, a current rabies vaccination certificate and if appropriate, the neutered or spayed certificate from the veterinarian

Applying for a License

Purebred Kennel License

A special license is required for operating a purebred kennel for dogs. The fee is based on the number of dogs in the kennel.

Fee Structure:
1-10 Dogs - $35
11-25 Dogs - $65
26 or More Dogs - $110
  • There is an additional fee of $3 for each unneutered or unspayed dog.
  • All dogs must have a current Rabies Vaccination Certificate at the time of application.
Complete the Purebred Dog License Application and come to the City Clerk's Office or mail with the appropriate documents and fee. Make check payable to City Clerk.

Deliver in person or mail to:
New Rochelle City Hall 
City Clerk's Office
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801