Bryan P. Keane Youth Volunteer Award

The Bryan P. Keane Youth Volunteer Award recognizes a high school resident (current junior /senior) who has consistently demonstrated community service by contributing his/her time and efforts to help others in extraordinary ways. Bryan P. Keane was such an individual.

Bryan P. Keane
Keane's philosophy was embedded in the following quote: "The fountain of youth is found through working with youth. Become a volunteer!"

This was his legacy. Quietly, he gave his time and his heart to uplifting and building the self-esteem of all children in New Rochelle. He never sought praise, recognition, or reward for his deeds. He devoted countless hours to enhance the lives of our youth. He was the embodiment of community pride and values.

Thus, the Bryan P. Keane Youth Volunteer Award honors youth who make a vital contribution to improving the quality of life of residents in New Rochelle, but often go unnoticed.

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Additional Information
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