Environmental Programs

New Rochelle has implemented a number of programs to make our City more sustainable:

Municipal Programs & Practices
  • Increased paper and commingled recycling rates in City offices
  • Switched to using 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Performed energy audits on 3 municipal buildings
City Initiatives
  • Developed a sustainability plan, GreeNR, to guide New Rochelle’s sustainable growth over the next 20 years. Instituted a City-wide cell phone recycling program
  • Built a demonstration rain garden at the William B. Ward Elementary School
  • Created community gardens at Ward Acres
  • Developed a program to ensure energy-efficient construction in New Rochelle
  • Formed a city-wide Recycling Committee
  • Created a greenhouse gas inventory for the entire City
  • Created this Green Page on the City’s website to provide information and environmental resources to all our residents