Municipal Arts Commission


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  • Marisa Boan, Chairperson
  • Fred Spinowitz, Commission Member
  • Jeannine Falino, Commission Member 
  • Alejandra Hernandez, Commission Member 
  • Melissa Panszi-Riebe, Commission Member
  • Eric Woodlin, Commission Member


Several years ago, the Sign Review Board was abolished and the Municipal Art Commission was created. All awnings, banners and signs that do not meet code are referred to the MAC for approval. The commission is made up of arts professionals, architects, and community leaders all from New Rochelle to assist businesses with compliance of the local code.

The Municipal Art Commission is also responsible for the overseeing and selection of public arts projects within the City of New Rochelle. In addition, the Commission must approve all design elements relating to street furniture, lighting banners, etc. on public property. Recently, the MAC was given approval over window coverings and artistic displays in vacant store fronts, and art projects on large commercial developments as required under the Municipal Code.