Youth Council

Applications are now available. Deadline 3/26.

Upcoming Events:

3/8 Youth Court Trivia Night - 6pm

3/11 The WOW Factor: Interviewing In a Virtual Environment - 6pm

3/18 Women's History Month Virtual Trivia Night - 6pm 

3/25 #GirlTalk Forum 3 - 6pm

  1. Sammy Gomez

    Senior Youth Worker
    Phone: (914) 654-2044

Formed in 1993, the Youth Council has sponsored numerous community service events and projects. It has represented the City of New Rochelle at various State, county, and local youth conferences. The Youth Council has interacted with many other youth groups throughout Westchester County. Theses efforts have empowered our members, while also producing positive working relationships with caring adults that have improved the quality of life for youth residents of New Rochelle. For more information, click here.


Executive Committee

  • Hallye Boughner, Co President
  • Nacir Meikle,  Co President
  • Ashley Hope, Co Vice President
  • Ethan Cuggino-Zensky, Co Vice President
  • Rafael Dilone, Secretary
  • Brianna Hill-Behar, Treasurer
  • Sam D. Gomez, Advisor

Council Members

  • Freed Ahmad
  • Megan Ardilles
  • Juan Barajas
  • Mia Barrett
  • Izabella Duarte
  • Eric Hill-Behar
  • Riley Fullerton
  • Justin Gager
  • Christian Gutierrez
  • Nastashya Johnson
  • Adbul Keshinro
  • Adrianno Medeiro
  • Ashley Mendez
  • Ethienne Mercado
  • Natalia Moreno
  • Areli Oliveros
  • Giselle Reyes
  • Jonathan Richards
  • Alfaro Robuste
  • Ashley Vargas
  • Francisco Valdovinos