From the Executive Director

Our Youth Today
Today's youth are faced with an increasing number of deterrents which contribute to elevated levels of criminal and anti-social behavior, as well as a vast array of negative health problems. In an effort to prioritize risks and pinpoint gaps in youth service delivery, we must first identify those factors that predict and produce delinquent behavior amongst our young people. The New Rochelle Youth Bureau recognizes that prevention, community planning, and youth development are vital components needed to address the needs and concerns of our youth.

Youth Bureau Through the Years

Two years ago, we celebrated a significant milestone in our agency's history, our 50th anniversary. Throughout the years, our community partners have assisted us in creating innovative programs / services that have truly impacted our youth. Our history of collaboration with our community partners have produced such signature programs as our:

These programs and others weave prevention into the very fabric of our City, as well as promote social support, guidance, and life-skill training.

Please know that we exist today due to the past and current dedication of Board members, former agency staff members, and City officials who have made the commitment to improve the quality-of-life for our youth residents. We will continue to do this, even in this time of economic challenges.

Kelly Johnson
Executive Director, Youth Bureau
Deputy Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation