If you would like to take advantage of the Tax Amnesty Program, you cannot pay your bill online.  Please contact the Tax Office directly at (914) 654-2059 for further information.


The Tax Department collects property taxes for the City of New Rochelle, Westchester County, the New Rochelle City School District, and the New Rochelle Public Library.

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Open Fee Lists

The City of New Rochelle has several billable fees that will be added to the City Property Tax bills if not paid. These fees are Restored to Roll Charges, False Alarm Charges, Sidewalk Repair Charges, and Property Maintenance Charges.

Billed and Unpaid False Alarm Charges will be added to the upcoming City Property Tax bill if not paid by September 30 of the current year. For a listing of presently unpaid charges, please email your request including the address and section, block, and lot number.

Billed and unpaid Restored to Roll, Sidewalk Repair and Property Maintenance charges will be added to the upcoming City Property Tax bill if not paid by December 1 of the current year.

For question regarding:
Restored to Roll Charges: (914) 654-2059 
False Alarm Charges: (914) 654-2240 
Sidewalk Repair and Property Maintenance Charges: (914) 654-2067

January 26, 2021: Notice from USPS re Processing and Delivery Delays

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