Welcome! The Department of Finance safeguards the City's assets in accordance with New York State Law, City Charter requirements and generally accepted accounting practices. Financial accounting provides for the centralized fiscal and accounting control of the City through its treasury, budget, debt management, accounting, purchasing, risk management, and payroll functions. In addition, the Department includes Management Information Systems, Tax Collections, Workers Compensation administration, and the Assessor's Office. 

Major Service functions:

Assessments: The Bureau of Assessments is responsible for the completion of the Assessment Roll, the basis of which real property taxes are calculated and levied.

Purchasing: The City of New Rochelle has joined forces with other municipal agencies to create the Hudson Valley Municipal Purchasing Group (HVMPG) to provide a Regional Bid Notification System.

Tax Collector: The Tax Department collects property taxes for the City of New Rochelle, Westchester County, the New Rochelle City School District, and the New Rochelle Public Library.

 Online Assessment and Property tax portals

There are two portals available for viewing property information.

The CitySquared includes mapping, basic parcel information, and building permit information.

The SDG Property Information portal includes more detailed property information, mapping, photos, and property tax information.

  1. Additional Tax Exemptions Approved

    Eligibility levels increased for senior citizens, persons with disabilities; property tax discount approved for local volunteer firefighters/ambulance workers. Deadline to apply is May 1.
  2. Tax Amnesty Program for Struggling Homeowners

    New Rochelle City Council adopts Amnesty Program for delinquent taxpayers; Interest and penalties would be waived for outstanding balances paid by December 2023
  3. Moody’s Confirms New Rochelle Bond Rating as Aa2

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