Stormwater, also referred to as runoff or stormwater runoff, is that water from storm events that does not soak into the ground, but rather flows overland into storm drains, natural water bodies, or in some cases causes ponding and flooding. 

Stormwater systems were designed to handle certain quantities of runoff.  Periods of heavier rainfall and snowmelt tax stormwater systems and increase the amount of ponding and flooding observed on hard surfaces such as roadways and sidewalks.

The links at left provide more information on the City's efforts towards:

Stormwater Management: Learn more about the City-owned stormwater system, catch basin cleaning, and review the annual Stormwater Reports.

Stormwater Mitigation: In the face of more frequent rain events caused by climate change, coupled with an aging stormwater infrastructure, the City of New Rochelle is committed to addressing and mitigating flooding issues in its six watershed districts. Get more information on the Stormwater Mitigation Program, as well as resources and assistance for property owners.