Quality Assurance Unit

Lieutenant Edward Hayes and Lieutenant Robert Wenzler oversee the Quality Assurance Unit.  The unit periodically conducts inspections and reviews of specific areas of the Department for the following reasons: determine compliance with established policies and procedures to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement that will, through training, positively enhance the Department’s performance; Promote a method of operation to improve the quality and consistency of performance throughout the Department by using evaluations and a support system, which includes training, guidance and follow-up review.  This is accomplished through the use of specified areas of evaluation.  These areas include, but are not limited to:  incidents, confiscated vehicles and auctions, summonses, evidence and found property, off-duty employment, sick time, traffic court appearances, and video of bookings.  

The Quality Assurance Unit evaluates these specified areas, and as training needs are identified, improves the performance of the Department.  These evaluations are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of performance attained is continued.