The City of New Rochelle has launched ClimateReadyNR, an assessment of the climate vulnerabilities experienced in our community with the goal of increasing resiliency to the hazards and detrimental impacts of climate change. 

Climate hazards have a disproportionate impact on different communities and pose a threat to our city’s people and resources. ClimateReadyNR evaluates these impacts to assess how resources can be improved and act as vital resilience hubs, offering refuge, information, and support before, during, and after climate events.


Local perspectives are essential to helping the city tackle hazards brought on by climate change. Through the ClimateReadyNR survey, the City is asking residents, business owners, and other community members to tell us how climate hazards impact them and their neighborhood on a day-to-day basis, as well as their access to services. 

Climate Resilience 101 webinar (7/13)
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