The Traffic Unit is supervised by a Police Services Division supervisor. A sergeant and four police officers are assigned to this Unit.

Main Responsibilities
Members of the Traffic Unit are responsible for the following:
  • Coordination of funeral, parade, and special demonstration escorts
  • Investigation of hit and run accidents
  • Investigation of personal injury and fatality auto accidents
  • Investigation of public property accidents
  • Review of all accident reports filed by members of the Department (sergeant’s responsibility)
  • Selective enforcement of the vehicle and traffic law with a direction toward correcting critical accident and parking problems
  • Supervision of parking enforcement officers, ordinance officers, and crossing guards (sergeant’s responsibility)
Additional Support Units

City Code Enforcement

Fleet Management

Taxi Unit
The Taxi Unit is staffed by a sworn member and is responsible for the issuance of all taxi licenses and medallions. Registration of drivers and vehicle inspections is conducted annually.

School Crossing Guards
School Crossing Guards are assigned to key intersections near schools for the purpose of assisting elementary school children to safely cross those intersections.

Parking Enforcement
The Parking Enforcement Unit is comprised of 17community service officers. The Unit provides parking enforcement throughout the city and facilitates the free flow of auto and pedestrian traffic in the downtown district of the City. Coverage is provided seven days a week from 8:00 am to 12:00midnight.