Forms and Applications

Permit or License

More detail or Instructions

Acknowledgment of Parentage FormInstructions
AuctioneerMore detail
Birth Certificate Request FormInstructions
Christmas Tree SalesMore detail
Commissioner of DeedsInstructions
Common Show PermitInstructions
Credit Card Affidavit FormInstructions
Death Certificate Request FormInstructions
Dog LicenseInstructions
EZ Pass ApplicationInstructions
Film Permit ApplicationInstructions
Fireworks DisplayInstructions
Foil ApplicationInstructions
Freon Removal PermitInstructions
Garage/Yard/Tag Sale
Genealogy Report ApplicationInstructions
Marathon, Procession and Road RaceInstructions
Marriage Transcript Request FormInstructions
Mechanical Amusement DevicesInstructions
NYS Continuation of Special SaleInstructions
NYS Special Sale LicenseInstructions
Open Air Permit FormInstructions
Parade PermitInstructions
Paternity Affidavit Request FormInstructions
Pawnbroker’s or Collateral Loan Broker’sInstructions
Second Hand Dealer Merchandise LicenseInstructions
Second Hand Motor Vehicle LicenseInstructions
Towing and BootingInstructions
Tree SurgeonInstructions
Window Cleaning